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Tjs_Whatnot's Fic Journal

Writerly Whatnot Happens

Tj_Whatnot's Fic Journal
28 March
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This is a fanfic journal for tjs_whatnot
addiction, albus dumbledore, angst, arthur weasley, au, bdsm, bella swan, bella/edward, bloody baron, brianna, canon scene, cedric diggory, character study, coming of age, crack, cracky turns angsty, creepy, cross-dressing, crossover, dark fic, dawson's creek, drabbles, draco malfoy, drug use, drunk drabbling, drunkiness, dub-con, dustfinger, edward cullen, emilio sandoz, evan rosier, ewe, fanfiction, fanworks, femslash, fiction, fictional bandom, firefly, first times, flash fiction, fluff, friendship building, fringe, gen, gideon crumb, gilderoy lockhart, gregory house, gryffindor boys, hagrid/olympe, hannah green, harry potter, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, harry/severus, hermione granger, het, hoban washburne, holmes, holmes/watson, house, hugo weasley, humor, hurt/comfort, igor karkaroff, igor/evan, infidelity, inkheart, james potter, james/severus, joey potter, joey/pacey, john watson, lily potter, lily/severus, love/hate, luna lovegood, luna/severus, mal/wash, malcolm reynolds, minerva mcgonagall, missing moment, mo/silvertongue/the bluejay, molly weasley, noncon, novels, olympe maxime, open marriage, orsino thurston, orsino/gideon, pacey witter, pansy parkinson, peter bishop, peter burke, poetry, poppy pomfrey, pwp, rarepairs, redemption, remus lupin, remus/ron, remus/severus, remus/sirius, remus/tonks, role playing, romance, ron weasley, ron/draco, ron/gideon, ron/hermione, ron/hermione/severus, ron/pansy, ron/remus/severus, ron/rosmerta, ron/severus, ron/viktor, roncentric, rose weasley, rosmerta, rubeus hagrid, severus snape, severus snape/hermione granger, severus/gilderoy, severus/minerva, severus/neville, sherlock holmes, short stories, sir nicholas, sir nick/bloody baron, sirius black, slash, slightly creepy ravenclaw, snape/harry, spock, star trek, storytelling, teddy lupin, the sparrow, threesome, time travel, tom riddle, tonks/ron, tragedy, twilight, vengeance, viktor krum, violenta, white collar, wonder boys, writing