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Drabble: Only He Knows (Severus/Minerva) PG-13

Title: Only He Knows
Characters/Pairing: Severus Snape/Minerva McGonagall
Word Count: 500
Warning: Unbeta'd
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Sometimes sitting next to Minerva McGonagall at the staff table for the Welcoming Feast surrounded by nattering colleagues and students oozing hormones was almost painful.
Author's Notes: Written for kellychambliss from the prompt "Boots."

~Only He Knows~

Sometimes sitting next to Minerva McGonagall at the staff table for the Welcoming Feast surrounded by nattering colleagues and students oozing hormones and keeping his eyes focused on anything other than her profile, his mind on anything but counting the moments until he was alone with that profile was almost painful.

Other times, when Minerva was feeling particularly evil, and would taunt him under the table, crossing her legs delicately at the calves and oh-so-innocently nudging him so he would feel the soft heel of her boots work their way between his trouser leg and sock, it was downright torturous.

It was the boots that sent the electrical charge to his groin. The boots that to all the rest of the world probably looked like common work boots, maybe just covering the ankle at most. What Severus, and only Severus knew was that those boots were not ordinary, they were not everyday. Those were special boots that she only wore for him.

Only he knew that instead of just covering the ankle, that these boots hugged tightly up her calves before flaring over her knees. Only he knew the feel of them under the fingers as they caressed the softened leather, only his nose had graced over the material, almost smelling the animal that had once lived in that skin as he inhaled the aroma of the animal who inhabited it now, whose mouth breathed hot onto the pliable surface, warming it with his urgent whispers.

He was the only one, beside Minerva herself, who had ever worked the laces of those boots, sometimes with his teeth he found it so delicious, working the knots of the bows and slowly, precisely loosened the rope around the clasps, one after another until his heart beat furiously against his chest to release those delicate feet from their bindings, release the animal inside.

Severus liked to imagine that she felt similarly about the many, many buttons of his robes. It was one of the things that made them uniquely suited for each other, the care they took in dress and the delicious elation they got from the details. He couldn’t be sure, because he had very little to judge it on, but he liked to think they were the only ones in the world to see fastenings as foreplay.

And that was how she was evil. Playing with him under the table as they half listened to the Sorting Hat’s verdicts and then the opening remarks from the headmaster. It was those times that he was relieved that Dumbledore's speeches required an inordinate amount of clapping--anything that gave him something proper to do with his hands. And even more grateful that the table had a long cloth covering it, so no one could see what it was the professors got up to in the hope to keep themselves amused.

He did wonder, though, what others must have thought of her wicked smirk and his glowering glare.
Tags: !drabble, 2012, character: minerva mcgonagall, character: severus snape, fandom: harry potter, pairing: severus/minerva, rating: pg-13
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