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Masterlist of Harry Potter Fics

Listed by size and date (newest at the bottom of each section)


The Five People You Meet in the Afterlife (Snape-centric series of drabbles) GEN, 5x100 Words, PG

Gold Star (Harry/Ron) 100 Words NC-17

The Apprentice (Draco) GEN, 100 Words, PG

Turn to Page 394 (Gryffindor Boys) 100 Words, R

The Other Hero (Snape) GEN, 100 Words, PG

The Cottage (Snupin), 100 Words, PG-13

What You Need (Severus and Harry) GEN, 100 Words, PG

Remus Lupin’s Worst Nightmare GEN, 100 Words, PG

Making Friends (Snape) GEN, 100 Words, PG

No Need to Call Me Sir (Snarry) 100 Words, PG-13

The Royal Family (Snupin) 100 Words, PG

Pensieve Terrors (Snarry) 100 Words, PG

Wanted (Snape) GEN, 100 Words, PG

The Fugitives (Severus and Draco) GEN, 100 Words, PG

Stolen Moments (Severus/Narcissa) 100 Words, PG-13

Paying the Price (Snape) GEN, 100 Words, PG

The Reminder (Snape) GEN, 100 Words, PG

Hiya Handsome (Snupin) 100 Words, PG-13

On Becoming James (Severus/Lily) Series of Drabbles 11x100, R

How Many is Enough (Voldemort) GEN 100 Words, PG

First and Last (Remus/Tonks) 480 Words, PG

A Fangirl’s Slow Decline (Neville/Trevor) 100 Words, R

Cages (Remus/Sirius) 100 Words, PG

Bludger to the Head (Snupin) 100 Words, PG-13

Dismantle the Sun (McGonagall) GEN, 100 Words, PG

The Weed (Severus and Lily) 100 Words, G

Good to be Rich (Arthur Weasley) GEN, 100 Words, G

The Tourist Trap (Stan Shunpike) GEN, 100 Words, G

His Time (Remus/Sirius) 100 Words, PG

It Grows on Ya (Severus/Ron) 100 Words, PG-13

The Prize (Harry/Ron) 100 Words, PG

Her Secret Garden (Hermione) GEN, 100 Words, G

Hermione’s Dessert (Ron/Hermione) 100 Words, PG-13

To the Dungeons (Snarry) 100 Words, R

Soothed (Snupin) 100 Words, PG

Waiting (Bellatrix/Voldemort) 100 Words, PG-13

The One that Got Away (Arthur Weasley) 400 Words, PG-13

One Perfect Day (Remus/Tonks) 250 Words, G

A Curse of Language (Snupin) 100 Words, PG

Breaking All the Rules (Albus/Rubeus) 100 Words, PG-13

Professor Ronald Weasley (Harry/Ron) 145 Words, PG

Step One: Denial George Weasley, 425 Words, PG

A Man and His Dog (Remus/Sirius) 100 Words, PG-13

Muggle Ingenuity (Remus/Ron) 150 Words, PG-13

What He Doesn’t Know (Luna, Neville, Ginny and Trevor) GEN, 150 Words, G

Auror Training 101 (Ron/Tonks) 450 Words, R

Missing Piece Found (Formerly “Holes Filling”) (Harry and Ron) GEN, Drabble series 100 Words x 12, PG

Snippets from the boys' lives and how they became perfect for each other, from the beginning...

Being an Adult has Its Advantages (Ron/Pansy) 375 Words, PG-13

I’ve Never (Snupin) 460 Words, R

Taking Turns (Harry/Ron) 280 Words, PG-13

Chosen (Remus/Regulus) 490 Words, PG-13

The Underdog (Roncentric) GEN, 480 Words, PG

His Role (Trio) GEN, 480 Words, PG-13

Blow Your House Down (Remus/Ron) 490 Words, PG-13

Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction (Ron/Hermione) 500 Words, PG-13

What the History Books will Say... (Ron/Draco) 100 Words, PG

Tip Your Bartender (Harry/Ron) 370 Words, R

Run Faster or Not at All (Remus/Ron) 300 Words, PG-13

Sore Loser (Severus/Minerva) 230 Words, PG-13

Only He Knows (Severus/Minerva) 500 Words, PG-13

Glow (Bill/Tonks) 200 Words, R


The Things We Do (Severus/Hermione) 2,000 Words, PG

Severus would rather be anywhere else for Christmas.

Jack of Hearts (Remus/Ron) 18 100 Word Drabbles, PG-13

Sometimes even Knights need saving.

Rose’s Petals Daddy!Ron GEN, 675 Words, PG

Moments after her birth, Rose's magic inspires her parents...

Slightly Creepy Boy GEN, 1,200 Words, PG

While Harry struggles with what he learned of his father in Occulemency, he finds a mysterious boy who is just what he needs.

Mars is Bright Tonight (Harry/Ron) 750 Words, PG

The night of victory, Harry goes to find Ron and they share a moment.

Needed (Tom Riddle/Moaning Myrtle) 675 Words, PG-13

Tom gives Myrtle a task and makes her feel special, needed even.

My Apologies (Snupin) 525 Words, PG-13

Over the years, Harry found himself returning to the Pensieve that contained Snape’s last memories from time to time. One day, a new memories emerges...

Tour Guide (Harry/Ron) 1,900 Words, R

Harry gives Ron a tour of Seattle. With Art by kath_ballantyne!!

Destiny (Trio) 1,200 Words, NC-17

In which Hermione is once again brilliant and Ron and Harry are lucky.

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, FLOOR (Snupin) 600 Words, PG-13

Can I buy you a drink?

HardRonVille (Harry/Ron, Neville/Draco) 800 Words, R

Drunken foolishness by the newest professors at Hogwarts...

The Room of Respite (Neville/Luna) 2,000 Words, R

Just for this moment let’s forget the world around us.

Keep Me in Your Heart, I'll Stay There Forever (Luna) GEN, 1,200 Words, PG

Luna reflects on magic and friends...

Winning (Severus Snape) GEN, 600 Words, PG-13

Severus goes to his childhood home once more, this time prepared for battle.

First Fights (Ron/Harry) 1590 Words, PG-13

Ron remembers when their fights were about silly things like who saved who first and the most. Just as long as each thought they had won that first argument, Ron knew they’d be okay.

Dance Partners (Remus/Sirius) PG-13, 600 Words

Is this it?

Mate's Night (Harry/Ron and Hermione) NC-17, 1,600 Words

She knew most husbands—especially the truly devoted kind, the dedicated lover kind—didn't go off once a week and take another to bed. She knew most wives—especially the exceptional clever kind, the confident and self-assured kind —didn't, on discovery of these tryst, do nothing to stop it.

But she and Ron had never been most people.

In For a Knut... (Ron/Lavender) NC-17, 725 Words

You know what you are doing is wrong, just like you know that everyone who does it says the same thing. There is nothing special about your predicament, nothing extraordinary about your guilt.

Good to be Scottish (Hooch/McGonagall) NC-17, 1k Words

Surely she knows better than to bet against the Scottish National Quidditch team. Perhaps, she wanted to lose...

Close Shave (Severus Snape/Sirius Black) NC-17, 1.5k Words

Severus likes when Sirius has a little bit of the animal in him, he's just not a fan of the scruff.

For Science (Remus/Luna) NC-17, 1,400 Words

Luna likes to experiment. Sometimes there are side effects she doesn't plan on, and sometimes they are the best part.


Sins of Our Fathers (James/Severus) 7,800 Words, NC-17

James Potter wants to be a good man but thinks spending a whole summer alone with his arch-enemy is more than he can take.

I Choose You (Harry/Ron) 3,400 Words, NC-17

Ron's tired of living a lie and needs to know he matters more...

A Hundred and One Allegorian Knights (Luna and Ron) GEN, 15,000 Words, PG

“Tell me a story,” the raspy, seldom-used voice of the man ordered. “Make it a happy story, full of life and love. We’ve had enough tragedy, enough suffering.”

To save them both from despair and misery, Luna Lovegood tells the story of how she meet and lost her best friend. Her only promise...It will have a happy ending.

Severus Snape Sends His Regrets (Severus/Lily) 6,780 Words, NC-17

What do you get the happy couple that has everything? What if Harry wasn't the only Potter to get some of Severus' choice memories? What bits would he share?

Every Other Thursday (Ron/Viktor) 20,000 Words, NC-17

It was supposed to be a game. Ron thought he knew the rules.

Mind the Gap, Please (Severus and Albus) GEN, 4,100 Words, R

With Albus Dumbledore as his guide, Severus Snape is faced with seven choices of where to spend eternity…

Everyone Lies (HP/House Crossover) 3,880 Words, PG

A man who is convinced that everyone lies finally has to believe in magic when he meets a man who must not tell them. Together they work to save the one person Harry can't live without.

The Why and Why Nots (Remus/Ron) 6250 Words, PG-13

What if Ron hadn’t gone to Bill and Fleur’s after leaving Harry and Hermione that fateful night? What if, instead, he had gone to someone he knew would help him get back, or someone who would give him a way to go on?

Beauty of Grey (Snupin) 8,000 Words, NC-17

Severus watches Remus in his grief and knows from his own experiences what can become of someone who allows themselves to wallow, how the pain will be used, manipulated. He is determined to pull Remus out, by whatever means necessary.

Lines in Shifting Sand (Ron/Hermione/Severus) 15,750 Words, NC-17

Ronald Weasley had done a lot of things for his wife that he thought he would never, ever do. Inviting Severus Snape into their bed had been the last in a long list of lines he’d crossed.

Treasures Beyond Gold (Severus/Lily) 8,300 Words, PG-13

Lily gives Harry the other side of the story.

Founder’s Day (Sir Nick/Bloody Baron) 3425 Words, NC-17

For 364 days a year and over 500 years, the Bloody Baron ignored him at the best of times, ridiculed and demeaned him at his worst. Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington longed for that one night. That one moment masqueraded as another man when the Bloody Baron, also playing someone else, let Sir Nick in, allowed him into his imaginings, into his thoughts and into his bed.

Eyesight to the Blind (Harry and Luna) 4,700 Words, PG-13

Once a year Harry and Luna drop reality and have an adventure. This time it was the Summer of Love. Far Out!

Two Can Keep a Secret (Severus/Gilderoy) 7,800 Words, NC-17

Some call it “play” and others call it “torture.” Severus Snape spends his Christmas remembering what he alone knows.

If music be the food of love, play on (Thurston/Crumb--from the Weird Sisters) 10,500 Words, R

There are only two people that know what split up the band. As they prepare for their Memorial Reunion concert, the two remember. Bandom HP style!

Soothe Not Mend (Severus/Luna) 27,500 Words, PG-13 up to Epilogue. Epilogue is rated R

When Luna discovers Severus’s mission and true alliances, she gives herself a mission as well--him.

More than a little and less than enough (Remus/Severus/Ron, Ron/Crumb, Ron/Draco) 32,000 Words, NC-17

Sometimes, the way you find what you want, is to first find the things you don't.

Glitter and Glow (Rubeus/Olympe) 2,785 Words, NC-17

She likes pretty things. The rewards she bestows on him for understanding and giving her pretty things are mighty. The boy is so very pretty.

All this Useless Beauty (Olympe/Cedric--Unrequited) 3,600 Words, R

Her mother had warned her this would happen. Had warned her that no one would ever love her, ever see her as anything but a hideous monster.

Liquid Luck (Ron/Rosmerta) 5,000 Words, NC-17

You think it is enough that he watches and that you know it. You don't even imagine anything coming from it but fantasies for an inexperienced young man and a lonely older woman. But then, one night, he comes in alone and he's not wearing the Invisibility Cloak. He looks well scrubbed, best-dressed and full of his own bravery.

The Seven Potters (Severus/Various, Severus/Neville) 8,500 Words, NC-17

Deemed “too cruel,” Azkaban is dismantled. Instead, Death Eaters are assigned sentences befitting their crimes. At first, Severus thinks his luck has changed. Forced to prostitution, at least he won’t have to worry about meeting anyone he knows; they are all too proper for that, or so he thinks. It’s going to be a LONG week.

Shelter (Igor/Evan) 10,000 Words, NC-17

A little bit of comfort, a little bit of driving the insanity out and a refusal of it being anything more.

Ritual of Becoming (Poppy/Molly) 6,700 Words, NC-17

Molly had lofty ideas of what being in the inner circle of the Order would mean, she just didn’t think it would be more of the same. What she wants is to be needed by someone who appreciates her. Poppy has always appreciated her.

The Soundtrack to Ron Weasley's Lost Year 3,200 Words, AND A 10 SONG MIX, PG-13

I think the Muggle music that Ron Weasley would listen to would hugely be contingent on who introduced him to it. So, I got to thinking...

...Until your fingers bleed (Snape/Lupin, Albus/Teddy--unrequited) 10k words, NC-17

Albus Severus hadn’t gone looking for what he found. He was just sent to get the entertainment for Teddy’s stag party.

Percy's Best Lesson (Percy Weasley) GEN, 5,800 Words, R

"His older self had taught his younger self a language which the older self knew because the younger self, after being taught, grew up to be the older self and was, therefore, capable of teaching."
— Robert A. Heinlein

Anointing Day (Moaning Myrtle/Grey Lady/Nearly Headless Nick, Original mermaid/Original merman, mention of Rowena Ravenclaw/Helga Hufflepuff) 3,800 words, NC-17

It is a special day when a Merperson reaches maturity and takes its first swim as an adult. For the ghosts of Hogwarts it’s one of the only experiences that allows them to be alive, to have desires and to feel.

A Living Conspiracy Theory Crossover with White Collar(Luna Lovegood/Mozzie), 6,000 Words, PG-13

When Teddy goes missing in Detroit, what they need is a Dentist.

Best and the Brightest (Harry/Tonks) 4,700 words, NC-17

Some of Harry’s best lessons aren’t learned in class.

Tidal Forces (Severus/Ron) NC-17, 2,800 Words (REMIX OF redsnake05's Unpredictable Terrain.

Severus never knew he would go to Ron until he did. And yet, somehow Ron always was expecting him.

The Matchmaker (Harry/Ron, Nearly Headless Nick) 2.5k Words, R

Sir Nicholas has never had a couple like these two...

Forever and Always (Ginny, Albus Severus/Scorpius) 5,700 Words, NC-17

Newly divorced Ginny Weasly-Potter needs to get a new life, but first, she accidentally lives in Albus'.

Listless (Ron/Remus), NC-17, 7,800 words

Remus has a list of all the reasons it won’t work.

Brief Reprieve (Remus, Ginny, Neville and Luna GEN), PG, 3,800 words

Remus looks at these student soldiers, at this Dumbledore's Army, and remembers when they had been children...

The Placebo Effect (Neville/Hermione, Hary/Ron) PG-13, 4,400 words

The last thing Neville wants from Harry and Ron (of all people) is advice. In fact, the only thing he really wants is a bit of luck. Liquid Luck.

Seasons (Alastor Moddy/Septima Vector,
Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey and Pomona Sprout) PG-13, 10k Words

A time for war and a time for peace. A time to be silent and a time to speak.

My Familiar (Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall) PG, 2,200 Words

The animal in Minerva comforts the animal in Remus and it is enough... for them both.

A Study in Something of Some Color (Sherlock Holmes Fusion with Snape and Neville as Sherlock and Watson) PG-13, 2,800 Words

Neville needs a flatmate (and a life)
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