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Drabble: "Sore Loser" (Severus/Minerva) PG-13

Title: Sore Loser
Author: tjs_whatnot
Characters: Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape
Word Count: 230
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary/Prompt: Snape/McGonagall A bet being paid/or debt owed


“I hardly think this is fair. The bet was for Scotland’s victory, not for a draw.”

“A draw that eliminated them from the Cup is still a loss. If I remember correctly, and I always remember correctly, those were the parameters of this wager. Now strip.”

Minerva fought the urge to stick out her tongue in juvenile protest and instead removed her tartan dressing gown. Severus sat up against the headboard and watched, eyes dancing. Minerva put her head down and blushed, that look of his was indecent and always made the blood rise to her cheeks like a school girl.

“Remember the days when we bet on Quidditch? Why’d we stop? In that sport there are clear losers, clear winners and I was always the one winning.”

Severus’ lip curled. “I think you just answered your own question. Don’t forget the hair.”

“You’re not right. You do know that?”

He nodded and watched as she reached up and undid the pins that held her hair in its tight bun and watched as her steely hair cascaded down around her.

He got up onto his knees and walked on them to the end of the bed, reaching his hand to take hers and pull her to him.

“Lucky for you, I am a gracious winner.”

Minerva looked at him skeptically.

He continued, “Now, put these on and bend over.”
Tags: !drabble, 2010, character: minerva mcgonagall, character: severus snape, fandom: harry potter, pairing: severus/minerva, rating: pg-13
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